Hoping to catch your interests.. Ask me a question. Add me up. Be nice.. xoxo :)

Smiling from ear to ear because I just got a “Draco Malfoy in a Percy Jackson setting” dream. Wherein, Draco(obviously) loves me ^_^

50 Shades of Grey got me going OMG! Can’t believe they actually made it into a movie O.o

I swear, I’d rather listen to music now that watch tv.

"There are days when you just want to lie down and listen to music. :)"

I think my addiction to all these fandoms, otps and ships is unhealthy anymore O.o

"A dictionary is a bookworm’s bestfriend :)"

I was looking for #dracomalfoy pictures on instagram. I saw some very hilarious ones and I can’t stop smiling. Now my mom is looking at me like I’m some weirdo. :))